Call for Board Members

The Asian Culinary Forum is seeking dynamic, experienced and energetic board members.  

In preparation for our biennial 2012 symposium and other educational events, we are growing our board to 13 members and welcome individuals with experience in fundraising, marketing, non-profit management and fiscal management to apply for our dynamic board. 

The board term is two years and you should plan on spending five to 10 hours monthly on board business. 

The Asian Culinary Forum seeks a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and experiences on our board. Our board members currently represent the Bay Area food industry, technology, corporate and non-profit sectors, among others. 

Applications (below) are due October 31.  Job description and application forms are below.

For more information and to apply, please email Cindy Mendoza, or call 415-777-8998.  

Job Description

Asian Culinary Forum Board of Directors – General Job Description

Reports to:

President of the Board of Directors

Term of Office:

Two years


Members of the Board of Directors should have proven abilities of volunteer program management, an informed awareness of Asian or Asian-American history and culture, and personal or professional experience with culinary pursuits. Members must exhibit sound judgment as well as an understanding and appreciation of the mission, goals and diverse activities of the Asian Culinary Forum. Board Members should be articulate, exhibit leadership and demonstrate personal skills such as integrity, enthusiasm, positive communication, collaboration, critical thinking, decision-making and follow-through. Specific professional skills or experience may be sought to ensure proper governance of the Organization as well as a diverse and balanced Board.

General Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Asian Culinary Forum and all authority within the organization is delegated by it. Members of the Board are responsible for the overall effectiveness and financial stability of the Asian Culinary Forum . Board time commitment ranges from 5 to 10 hours a month, depending on the board member's role and the organization's programming schedule.

Specific Responsibilities

Each and every board member: 

    • Represents the Asian Culinary Forum and the Board of Directors to the public, professional communities and other organizations.
    • Maintains an awareness of the needs and interests of the Asian Culinary Forum’s target audiences and represents their views during the Board’s discussions.
    • Establishes and reviews long-term goals, in conjunction with the director and with an eye toward the ever-changing cultural and economic environment.
    • Evaluates the Asian Culinary Forum’s success in achieving its goals and objectives.
    • Approves the annual budget.
    • Annually reviews and approves the organization’s funding plans.
    • Approves bylaws and major policies.
    • Reviews financial reports and oversees sound operations to ensure the fiscal health of the Asian Culinary Forum.
    • Approves major actions, such as capital expenditures on all projects over authorized limits, and major changes in programs and services.
    • Attends or contributes to the agenda of no less than 9 of the 12 monthly Board meetings per year. 
    • Participates actively in discussions and provides candid and constructive criticism, advice and comments. 
    • Recruits diverse volunteers and encourages leadership at all levels.
    • Provides sufficient documentation to update the Board on significant events or matters within specific areas of responsibility as charged by the President or through election to an Executive Committee position.
    • Participates in development by personally donating to the Asian Culinary Forum at a level that is meaningful for them and solicits donations from organizational and personal contacts.

Application Form

For application form, or for more information, please contact Erica Peters,