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Filipino Flavors: Tradition + Innovation will provide a weekend of opportunities to highlight high-quality food and beverages. Inspired by the vibrant flavors of the Philippines, the Asian Culinary Forum looks forward to working with businesses and organizations linked to the Bay Area’s diverse, food-loving communities.


As a sponsor of the Asian Culinary Forum, you will be recognized in the public eye as a key supporter of an internationally influential food community. Your organization’s name and standing will be enhanced by your ability to:

  1. Establish your brand presence at the new International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California.

  2. Connect to leading chefs, academic researchers, producers, writers and artists.

  3. Broaden your reach among affluent, urban, food-savvy professionals.

  4. Extend your marketing reach at key culinary events in San Francisco.

  5. Tap into a network of food mavens, decision-makers and cultural commentators.

  6. Strengthen your culinary links to Northern California.

  7. Contribute to an international dialogue on Asian culture and cuisine.

  8. Engage attendees and presenters across multiple disciplines.

  9. Be distinguished as a supporter of culinary innovation.

  10. Inspire a new generation of culinary professionals to explore Filipino flavors and techniques.

  11. Impact the Bay Area’s diverse community and support its culinary heritage.

  12. Help educate the wider public about the foundations and the future of Filipino food.